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Commission Process – My Website

Commission Process

1. Contact me via phone 704-240-0268 or email denisenelsonart@outlook.com
2. Initial Consultation
We will schedule a preliminary meeting in the location of your choice. During this phase, we will work together to determine details of the commission. Standard fees can often be imprecise since each portrait is a highly collaborative effort between the artist and the client. Due to the number of factors that you as a potential client must consider, I prefer to arrange an information-gathering meeting with you to understand your vision and objectives for your painting. You also need the opportunity to meet me, as well as see examples of my work in person.
Prior to our consultation please consider the following:
• Approximate Size (miniature 2”x 3” to life-sized 40”x 60”or more)
• Orientation (horizontal, vertical or square)
• Color scheme (full color, or sepia tones)
• Where will it hang
• How many figures, pets or animals
• Mood (corporate or personal, formal or casual clothing, body position and facial expression)
• Neutral background or complex setting
• Special props or furniture, heirloom items
• Timing for completion and delivery options
• Images of paintings/portraits you admire may also be helpful
• Frame (rare antique, hand-crafted or quick and simple) Not included, I will assist you in selection if you wish

3. Commission Agreement
After the consultation, I will present a proposal outlining the details and costs associated with the commissioned work for your approval. Project budgets vary and some clients may have more flexibility. I will work within your budget.
4. Preparation
We will arrange an exploratory photographic sitting, in a variety of clothing ensembles and settings if you wish. A variety of poses will be attempted, and many photos are made to find the most advantageous and flattering lighting. After careful study of the reference photos and consideration of your wishes, I will present a composition for your approval.
5. The Studio Work begins
6. The Completion / Delivery
Arrangements will be made to meet for your final approval of the portrait at the location of your choice, or in my studio. After any necessary finishing touches are complete, the painting is now ready for delivery and final hanging. I will complete the final varnishing of the painting approximately one year from the date of delivery.